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The KKS magazine is a bimonthly publication and covers Literature and Indian Culture & Heritage in every issue. Find all our issues below!

(Previously: Aspire Magazine)

cover, issue 6.png

Issue 6

October 2021

Featuring Uditi Sharma, founder of ElevateTech and a piece on musings by Shradha Shrivastav.

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Issue 3

March 2021

Featuring Harvard alumnus Avanti Nagral, spotlight artist Zubi Ahmed, and Aadya Garg; an architect in the making. 


Issue 5

August 2021

Featuring teen entrepreneur Armita Hosseini and discussions on dreams, thoughts, and ambitions!  

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Issue 2

January 2021

Our New Year Edition! Featuring Stanford student Shaurya Sinha, founder of Winplaws; Vanshika Pandey, and a research paper on logistic differential equations.

ASPIRE JUNE 2021 ISSUE png.png

Issue 4

June 2021

Featuring young writer Sakhi Singh, a trip to Lucknow, and articles on overcoming sadness.

Issue 1.jpeg

Issue 1

November 2020

Featuring Harvard student Sasha Agarwal, founder of Udaipur Diplomacy Summit; Yash Bhatnagar, and Viha Thumar a 16-year-old author from Bangalore.

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